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Train transport to configure devices via serial/USB instead of network
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train-serial - Train Plugin for connecting to serial interfaces

This plugin allows applications that rely on Train to communicate with devices connected over serial interfaces. This could be the console port of network gear or embedded systems.


You will have to build this gem yourself to install it as it is not yet on Rubygems.Org. For this there is a rake task which makes this a one-liner:

rake install:local

Transport parameters

Option Explanation Default
device Device to connect to /dev/ttyUSB0
baud Baud rate 9600
data_bits Data Bits for connection 8
parity Parity (:none, :even, :odd) :none
stop_bits Stop Bits for connection 1
buffer_size Number of bytes per read 1024
buffer_wait Wait between reads 250
buffer_retries Retries until stopping reads 3
setup Commands to issue on open
teardown Commands to issue on close
raw_output Suppress stdout processing false
error_pattern Regex to match error lines ERROR.*
prompt_pattern Regex to match device prompt [-a-zA-Z0-9]+(?:\((?:config|config-[a-z]+|vlan)\))?[#>]\s*$

Example use

This will work for a Cisco device on /dev/ttyUSB0:

require 'train'
train  = Train.create('serial', {
            device:   '/dev/ttyUSB0',
            setup:    %Q[
              terminal pager 0
            teardown: "disable",
            logger:$stdout, level: :info)
conn   = train.connection
result = conn.run_command("show version\n")

Useful Setup/Teardown Patterns

Device Setup Teardown
Cisco Catalyst enable\nterminal length 0\n disable
Cisco ASA enable\n#{@options[:enable_password]}\nterminal pager 0\n disable
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