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A simple react app for automatically compiling & deploying Solidity language Ethereum smart-contracts

Easily deploy your Solidity smart-contracts against the Mainnet without actually needing shell/rpc access to a synced ethereum server!


(install nodejs and npm, latest versions if you can)

npm i -g ethereumjs-testrpc # for testrpc localhost testing

npm i -g ethereumjs-util # for testrpc localhost testing, see note below

npm i -g truffle # a useful Solidity-language tool

Metamask browser plugin # for auto-signing of contracts (manual private-key signing not enabled yet)

solc (solidity compiler) # needed for localhost compiling, instructions:

note: it's harder to install solc on centos/amazonAMI linux, of course, I had to install solidity from source, and update boost by hand:


yum --nogpgcheck localinstall boost-devel-1.59.0-1.x86_64.rpm

I also had to make sure that /usr/local/lib was the last line in /etc/

and also run 'sudo ldconfig' afterwards for the system to notice...

then installed solc from source via:

git clone --recursive

cd solidity/

git submodule update --init --recursive

mkdir build

cd build

cmake3 .. # needed sudo yum install cmake3 for this


sudo make install # so that the apache user can access the solc compiler

How to install

git clone

cd EthDeployer

npm i

npm start # for testing mode

npm run build # for live server hosting mode, use apache/httpd/nginx or similar routing tool for local path/URL customization

my lines in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf (should be the same for /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/default.conf)

note: extra lines to catch case-sensitivity on linux path spellings :)

Alias /EthDeployer /home/ec2-user/EthDeployer/build

Alias /ethdeployer /home/ec2-user/EthDeployer/build

Alias /ethDeployer /home/ec2-user/EthDeployer/build

Alias /Ethdeployer /home/ec2-user/EthDeployer/build

<Directory /home/ec2-user/EthDeployer/build>

PassengerEnabled off

How to Use

install metamask browser plugin (see, and connect to either mainnet, or localhost:8545 (local node / testrpc server)

note: metamask seems bad at remembering your password! remember to keep your 12-word-passphrase!!

make sure you can see accounts in metamask, and they should either be live accounts with real ether, or match your testrpc local testing accounts

'npm start' will tell you the local port number and try to open the browser to the test server hosted page

otherwise, 'npm run build', customize path via passenger/apache, and visit the page

copy/paste your solidity contract into the box and press 'Compile & Deploy', you will be prompted for gas payment via metamask plugin

if you are running testrpc on localhost:8545, you can turn metamask off, or connect it to localhost:8545 and it will prompt you for testnet gas payment! (see notes below)

Your Solidity language contract is now deployed on either testnet or Ethereum mainnet (if you paid real ether!)

links are displayed for the TXID and Contract address. You will need to WAIT about 30s for the next block, for the tx/address to appear, on mainnet

use the web console debugger tool for console messages and debugging, please submit updates/upgrades, bug reports, feature requests THROUGH THE GITHUB ISSUES TOOL FOR THIS REPO!

Useful tool info and examples for learning to write Ethereum smart-contracts, to accompany my BlockGeeks article

truffle commands:

truffle init

truffle compile

truffle migrate

truffle console

testrpc startup with pre-set seed phrase and pre-defined networkID

COMMAND FROM DEMO ARTICLE: testrpc -m "sample dog come year spray crawl learn general detect silver jelly pilot" --network-id 20

important note!: networkID needs to be below decimal(108) for tx signature to work properly (tx.v must be one byte only)

outdated note (?): ethereumjs-testrpc depends on OUTDATED ethereumjs-util, which has a signing bug which prevents Metamask from signing properly LOCALLY,

but it works ok on mainnet. In order to fix this for localhost testing, you can do this:

npm i -g ethereumjs-util@latest # separately from ethereumjs-testrpc

now: you need to find where ethereumjs-testrpc and ethereumjs-util actually got installed, then go to the

cd path-to/ethereumjs-util/node_modules

mv ethereumjs-util ethereumjs-util_old

ln -s path-to/ethereumjs-util .

for me it was:

ln -s /usr/local/lib/node_modules/ethereumjs-util/ /usr/local/lib/node_modules/ethereumjs-testrpc/node_modules/ethereumjs-util

this symlink will TRICK ethereumjs-testrpc into using the latest version of ethereumjs-util, and solve the "signing bug" for local deployment


A simple react app for automatically compililng & deploying Solidity language Ethereum smart-contracts







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