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TL200 downloads

This repository contains ZIP files of different versions of the TL200 software & documentation kit.

  • TL200 Software & Documentation Kit 2.4 – MD5 Sum: 1d41b20fd740b8d12f4abbe40d3d6eb7 — Released December 26, 2016 — New changes:
    • Added ftd2xx.dll to the software kit (the DLL may not be available in Windows 10)
    • Added CDM21224_Setup.exe to install updated FTDI drivers for Windows
  • TL200 Software & Documentation Kit 2.3 – MD5 Sum: 75cf7973e3cc80328187e812d24d6c3b — Released July 3, 2016 — New changes:
    • Fixed the race condition in 'trandom' kernel module when used with CentOS.
  • TL200 Software & Documentation Kit 2.2-4 – MD5 Sum: 80c4342681d78c990855dacbfa1e21d9 — Released November 22, 2015 — New changes:
    • Upgraded the FTDI USB drivers for Linux
    • Added the FTDI setup executable for installing the certified drivers for using with Windows 10
    • Updated the documentation
    • Improved the 'EXAMPLE' menu section shown when using the ./configure utility.