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Internal demo of Mongo with Java

The purpose of this project is to demonstrate usage of the "official" MongoDB driver for Java. I am a new Java developer, so it's likely that I am not following several best practices and cultural conventions.


Put mongo-2.3.jar and junit-4.8.2.jar in the base directory

Compilation instructions

javac src/ -d . -classpath ./mongo-2.3.jar:.
javac src/ -d . -classpath ./mongo-2.3.jar:.
javac src/ -d . -classpath ./mongo-2.3.jar:.
javac src/ -d . -classpath ./mongo-2.3.jar:./junit-4.8.2.jar:.


Execute unit test

java -classpath mongo-2.3.jar:junit-4.8.2.jar:. org.junit.runner.JUnitCore MongoRealTestTest

Execute main class; insert and query documents

java -classpath mongo-2.3.jar:. MongoRealTest


Use Ant or Ivy for automated build and unit tests (?)