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Functional and customizable CSS utilities with familiar names
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shed.css – The Beginning of the End of CSS

Shed.css came about after I got tired of writing CSS. All of the CSS in the world has already been written, and there's no need to rewrite it in every one of our projects. After a bikeshedding session with @brnnbrn & @samselikoff, and me, we came up with a naming scheme we were satisfied with, and shed.css was born.

What does shed accomplish?

What does it look like?


In a hurry? Clone this repo to get going with a starter kit and skip all of the setup.

First, install shed using npm.

❯ yarn add -D shed-css

At this point, we come to a fork in the road. Choose one of these options:

🚳 Single Speed

— I just want to use it.

@import "shed-css/dist/index.css";

⚛️ React

— I want to use it in React.js

Shed has a react companion implemented using styled components. It comes with an optional babel plugin which allows you to write components like this:

	Padded Headline

🖌 Fixie

— I want to customize the scale and fonts.

Shed is written in PostCSS using future css syntax, but is distributed as future css and Sass. To customize the scale and fonts, you must follow one of these two paths:


install shed's peer dependencies (postcss and cssnext) and add them to your build pipeline.

Install peer deps:
npm ls 2>/dev/null | grep \"UNMET PEER DEPENDENCY\" | awk '{print $NF}' | xargs yarn add -D
Customize Variables:
@import "shed-css/lib/index.css";

:root {
	 * These "z" values reflect the steps on the scale.
	 * Numbers prefixed with "dot" mean they're below
	 * the base font size.
	--z-dot1: .19381rem
	--z-dot2: .23257rem
	--z-dot3: .27908rem
	--z-dot4: .3349rem
	--z-dot5: .40188rem
	--z-dot6: .48225rem
	--z-dot7: .5787rem
	--z-dot8: .69444rem
	--z-dot9: .83333rem
	--z0: 0;
	--z1: 1rem
	--z2: 1.2rem
	--z3: 1.44rem
	--z4: 1.728rem
	--z5: 2.0736rem
	--z6: 2.48832rem
	--z7: 2.98598rem
	--z8: 3.58318rem
	--z9: 4.29982rem
	--z10: 5.15978rem

	 * These "f-f" values change the font family utilties
	 * in the "font family" section.
	--f-f-sans: sans-serif;
	--f-f-serif: serif;
	--f-f-mono: monospace;

	 * These "l-h" values change the line height utilties
	 * in the "line height" section. Unitless numbers recommended.
	--l-h--default: 1;
	--l-h--tight: 1.2;
	--l-h--normal: 1.5;
	--l-h--loose: 1.75;

	 * These "l-s" values change the letter spacing
	 * utilties in the "letter spacing" section.
	 * Em values recommended.
	--l-s--default: normal;
	--l-s--tight: -.04em;
	--l-s--normal: -.01em;
	--l-s--loose: .1em;

Now, you might want to get your brand colors in there by creating a custom theme.

🚲🏚 Trailblazer

— I demand complete control (pro-level bikeshedder)

See the full customization guide

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