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A primitive VDR plugin for the PMS
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A primitive VDR plugin for the PMS

What it does:
It queries the VDR via Streamdev Plugin for its channels and adds the TV channels as direct TS links to PMS 
(= streaming is done directly from the VDR to the renderer), so that PMS is not bothered with re-encoding 
or even buffering. 
The Radio channels are added as normal web audio links to the ES streams of the VDR/Streamdev (because
they need to be re-encoded for the PS3).
It also is able to list recordings - unfortunately streamdev does not support streaming of recordings directly yet. However - it might be possible to use the externalremux mechanism to let streamdev think it streams a tv program, but really stream a file from disk. I have done some tests in that direction but could not fully get it to work (the recorded movie started playing ok but froze after some seconds).

- a working VDR with Streamdev Plugin (

- copy the plugin into the PMS plugins folder
- start up PMS
- configure the plugin with the host/port of the VDR

- channel icons

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