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@@ -196,27 +196,38 @@ When the length (number of arguments) of a client callback function is either 2
When doing a batch request with a 3-length callback, the second argument will be an array of requests with a `error` property and the third argument will be an array of requests with a `result` property.
-#### Client interfaces
+#### Client interfaces and options
+Every client supports these options:
+* `reviver` -> Function to use as a JSON reviver
+* `replacer` -> Function to use as a JSON replacer
##### Client.http
-TODO Document the HTTP client
+Uses the same options as [http.request][nodejs_docs_http_request] (which also enables the use of https) in addition to these options:
+* `encoding` -> String that determines the encoding to use and defaults to utf8
##### Client.fork
-TODO Document the fork client
+Uses the same options as the base class.
##### Client.jquery
-TODO Document the jquery client
+The jQuery Client is stand-alone from the other classes and should preferably be compiled with `make compile` which outputs different flavors into the `build` directory. Supports inclusion via AMD. Uses the same options as [jQuery.ajax][jquery_docs_ajax] and exposes itself as $.jayson with the same arguments as `Client.prototype.request`.
### Server
The server classes are available as the `Server` or `server` property of `require('jayson')`.
The server also sports several interfaces that can be accessed as properties of an instance of `Server`.
-#### Interfaces
+#### Server interfaces and options
* `Server` - Base interface for a server that supports receiving JSON-RPC 2.0 requests.
* `Server.http` - HTTP server that inherits from [http.Server][nodejs_doc_http_server].
@@ -455,7 +466,6 @@ client.request('fib', [15], function(err, response) {
* A child_process is spawned immediately
* To specify options (such as a reviver and a replacer) for the forked server, `module.exports` an instance of `jayson.Server` instead of exporting plain methods.
-* Listen for `uncaughtException` if you want the fork to keep running indefinitely
### Contributing
@@ -468,3 +478,4 @@ requests on [Github]( is most welcome.
* Streaming
* Middleware-like support for defining server methods
* Integration with the Cluster API
+* Benchmarks
4 lib/client/fork.js
@@ -14,9 +14,7 @@ var ForkClient = function(server, options) {
if(!(this instanceof ForkClient)) return new ForkClient(server, options);
Client.apply(this, arguments);
- var defaults = utils.merge(this.options, {
- encoding: 'utf8'
- });
+ var defaults = utils.merge(this.options, {});
this.options = utils.merge(defaults, options || {});

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