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R package for fitting ERGMs for multilayer networks.
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multilayer.ergm: Exponential Random Graph Models for Multilayer Networks


This package extends the exponential random graph model (ERGM) to multilayer networks. For more information on the application of ERGMs to multilayer networks, see Chen, 2019, "Statistical Inference for Multilayer Networks in Political Science".


To install the package from GitHub, you will need the devtools package. If you are on a Windows machine, you will also need the standalone Rtools. If you do not already have the network, ergm, and statnet.common packages, installing multilayer.ergm will install them as well.

Install the package by entering the following into your R console. The argument build_opts can be removed entirely if you do not require the package tutorial.

devtools::install_github("tedhchen/multilayer.ergm", build_opts = c("--no-resave-data", "--no-manual"))

Once installed, the package tutorial can be accessed by entering vignette('policy_multiplex') into your R console. The tutorial can also be accessed at my website.

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