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@@ -8,4 +8,34 @@ Fetch was part of a large project, Mortar, which is hosted on Google Code. It is
currently being migrated over to Github, as well as being updated to support
modern php features. While the project is in flux I encourage you to try it out,
but be careful about using it in a production environment without proper
+The most easy way to install the library is via composer. To do so, you have to do
+the following:
+ php composer.phar require tedivm/fetch
+Composer will then ask you which version you want to install. Until there are stable
+versions, by using "@dev" it'll install the latest version.
+Sample Usage
+This is just a simple code to show how to access messages by using Fetch. It uses Fetch
+own autoload, but it can (and should be, if applicable) replaced with the one generated
+by composer.
+ require 'autoload.php';
+ $server = new \Fetch\Server('', 993);
+ $server->setAuthentication('dummy', 'dummy');
+ $messages = $server->getMessages();
+ /** @var $message \Fetch\Message */
+ foreach ($messages as $message) {
+ echo "Subject: {$message->getSubject()}\nBody: {$message->getMessageBody()}\n";
+ }

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