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* This file is part of the Stash package.
* (c) Robert Hafner <>
* For the full copyright and license information, please view the LICENSE
* file that was distributed with this source code.
define('TESTING', true);// this is basically used by the StashArray driver to decide if "isEnabled()" should return
// true, since the Array driver is not meant for production use, just testing. We should not
// use this anywhere else in the project since that would defeat the point of testing.
$filename = __DIR__ .'/../vendor/autoload.php';
if (!file_exists($filename)) {
echo "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~" . PHP_EOL;
echo " You need to execute `composer install` before running the tests. " . PHP_EOL;
echo " Vendors are required for complete test execution. " . PHP_EOL;
echo "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~" . PHP_EOL . PHP_EOL;
$filename = __DIR__ .'/../autoload.php';
$loader = require $filename;
$loader->addPsr4('Stash\\Test\\', __DIR__ . '/Stash/Test/');