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@tedivm tedivm released this Feb 10, 2016 · 69 commits to master since this release


  • Implemented PSR-6 interfaces.
  • Removed Driver::setOptions($options) in favor of Driver::constructor($options)
  • Removed deprecated DriverList::getDrivers function.
  • Removed deprecated invalidation constants in the Item class.
  • Removed SQLite Extension support (SQLite3 is still available).
  • The set function no longer persists data.
  • Removed expiration time for set function
  • Added expiresAt and expiresAfter functions to the Item class.
  • getExpiration to return current datetime when no record exists.
  • Added save function to PoolInterface.
  • Changed getItemIterator to getItems
  • RuntimeException now extends from \RuntimeException
  • Added isHit function to ItemInterface.
  • Added the hasItem function to the Pool, which should mostly be avoided.
  • Renamed Pool::purge to Pool::clear.
  • Added Pool::deleteItem and Pool::deleteItems.
  • Removed legacy methods for defining keys- keys must be defined as strings.
  • Added support for "APCU" functions.
  • Removed sqlite2 support (sqlite3 is still supported).
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