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Tedivm StashBundle v0.6 Changelog


  • Brought bundle up to date with the v0.14.0 line of Stash.

Tedivm StashBundle v0.5 Changelog


  • Made sure AbstractDriver::setOptions is called only once in the DriverFactory.

  • Symfony3 support.

  • PHP 7.0 support (tests on PHP 7.0 are not allowed to fail anymore).


  • Improved memory use when tracking is enabled.

  • Added support for tracking_values option, to be able to disable tracking cache values.


  • Dropped support for PHP 5.3.

  • Added 'logger' config parameter to caches so that they may be injected when each cache is created.

  • Compatibility updates for our upstream projects.

Tedivm StashBundle v0.4 Changelog


  • Added support for Filesystem Encoder options.

  • Updated documention.


  • Full HHVM Support.

  • Upgrade to Stash v0.12

  • Removed PEAR Support.

  • Added metadocuments like LICENSE, CONTRIBUTORS, and docs/

  • Updated Readme with more project status news and to reflect the changes in this version.

  • Massive Documentation Update, with complete DocBlock and file level documentation.

  • Full Doctrine Cache Support via DoctrineAdapter.

  • Improved Redis support.

Test Suite

  • 98% code coverage- more than half of the changes from this update come from improved test suites.

  • Test against parent/upstream test suites.

  • Enforcement of Formatting and Coding Standards.

  • Refactored internal API for easier testing.

  • Improved Travis-CI Integration.

  • Coveralls Support.


  • Renamed service container alias from "cache" to "stash".

    This prevents overlap with the Symfony defined "cache" item, which is part of the HTTPCache package.

  • Renamed CacheLogger to CacheTracker

    This is to prevent collision with the setLogger(\Psr\Logger) functionality.

  • Renamed Handlers to Drivers (including HandlerFactory to DriverFactory

    This maintains parity with Stash, which refers to the back end interface code as drivers. Configurations that use "handlers" will still work, although new configurations should use the new nomenclature.

  • Removed CacheResultObject wrapper in favor of extending the Stash\Item class

    This means the Service\CacheService returns Service\CacheItems instead, which are extensions of the Stash\Item class. This reduces the abstraction between Stash and the developer down to the absolute minimum.

  • Reduced dependencies significantly

    This was done by only including directly used projects in composer.lock instead of using metapackages like the symfony-framework-bundle.