Stampede protection on doctrine adapter #32

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Lumbendil commented Jul 19, 2013

It think it'd be great if it was possible to define a stampede protection mechanism for the doctrine adapter.


tedivm commented Jul 22, 2013

Right now the different invalidation methods are set as part of the Item->get functions, which means it can't easily be changed by a parameter call. Stash 0.11.1 is going to change how stampede protection works, from an API perspective, and will make this a lot easier to handle. I'm hoping to have this built out in the next week and a half, at which point this ticket will be a quick addition.


Lumbendil commented Jul 31, 2013

You mentioned Stash 0.11 changing how stampede protection works, can you point me to some issues which show what you have in mind so I can help implement it?


tedivm commented Aug 8, 2013

Sorry for the delay on this- I was at Defcon over the weekend and am still catching up on my email.


tedivm commented May 16, 2014

Super late answer on this one. The next release changes the default invalidation method to precompute, which is what I imagine 99% of people will want. I'm planning on making some configuration related changes in the release after that, which should include this.

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