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Rework the bundle to provide multiple services #3

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This is a fairly extensive rework of the guts of the StashBundle. It includes the following:

  • addition of composer support via composer.json
  • update of profiler templates to support the new, revised profile bar in Symfony 2.1
  • expanded reporting in the profile component
  • reworking of the service system from the ground up:
    • now supports multiple cache services, each with distinct handlers and settings
    • auto-alias of a default cache service to the name "cache" for easy use
    • automatic namespacing of separate services to avoid collisions if they share handlers
    • separate tracking of statistics and query logs from each individual service
  • adapters to provide caching for for other symfony services (so far, only Doctrine is supported)

I'll update this with more concrete documentation and expansions of some of the new functionality (like annotation and session adapters) as time goes on.

@tedivm tedivm merged commit ccc20e5 into from

Oh didn't see this PR :thumbsup:


This line is wrong, "cache" is also used by symfony, so this should be changed to something in stash namespace.

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Commits on Jun 23, 2012
  1. @jhallbachner

    Fixed a bug in the Cache service.

    jhallbachner authored
    Added a composer.json file.
  2. @jhallbachner

    Updated composer.json

    jhallbachner authored
Commits on Sep 30, 2012
  1. @jhallbachner
  2. @jhallbachner

    Updated the Configuration and Extension in order to enable the creati…

    jhallbachner authored
    …on of multiple cache services.
  3. @jhallbachner

    Added individual logging to each Cache service in order to track the …

    jhallbachner authored
    …results of each separately.
    Began the process of updating the templates for the profiler.
    Updated the profiler sidebar icon to match the profile bar icon.
  4. @jhallbachner
  5. @jhallbachner

    Fixed up the logging/profiler integration.

    jhallbachner authored
    Made several improvements to the display of information in the profiler.
    Began the process of repairing memcache support.
  6. @jhallbachner
  7. @jhallbachner
  8. @jhallbachner
  9. @jhallbachner

    Fixed some problems with the DoctrineAdapter and deletion.

    jhallbachner authored
    Updated the CacheService definition to correctly normalize keys.
  10. @jhallbachner

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into multiservice

    jhallbachner authored
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