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+Grouping is an extremely important feature of caching. By making it easier for developers to clear out related items
+and for framework and application developers to isolate data among components, caching will become more common place and
+application performance will improve as a result.
+Stash offers two methods of grouping, Stacks and Namespaces. Although similar they are meant to serve distinct purposes-
+Stacks are meant to give developers the ability to organize and invalidate their data in logical groups, while
+Namespaces exist to let frameworks isolate different systems from each other. Combined they allow library and
+application developers the ability to create Stacks and use Keys without having to worry key collision or what other
+libraries may be storing in the cache.
+Stacks are a special kind of grouping system that allow cache items to be nested, similar to how folders are nested in
+filesystems. Stacks work by adding a special character to Keys, the slash, which tells the Implementing Library where
+the nesting points are. If the first character of the key is not a slash, Stacks behaves exactly like the standard Cache
+An example key may look like "/Users/Bob/Friends", "/Users/Bob/Friends/Active" or just "/Users/Bob". The special thing
+about Stacks is that clearing out "/Users/Bob" also clears out "/Users/Bob/Friends" and "/Users/Bob/Friends/Active".
+Namespaces can be used to separate the storage of different systems in the cache. This allows different sections to be
+cleared on an individual level, while also preventing overlapping keys.
+Namespaces are controlled by the Pool::setNamespace($name) function. Once a namespace is set all operations the Pool and
+it's subsequent children Items do will in that isolated namespace (Items pulled out of the Pool before a namespace
+change maintain their original namespace).

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