Shitty HTTP2 server & HPACK implementation
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shitty - A useless HTTP/2 server

Upgrades HTTP/1 clients to HTTP/2, then tells them to GOAWAY and closes the connection.

HTTP/1.1 clients get an "Upgrade Required" message.

It's single threaded which is either because I'm too lazy to make it high-performance, event-driven and multi-threaded, or because being single-threaded makes it more shitty.

Runs on port 8080, or port 80 if you like to live dangerously and run untrusted code as root.


make run

HPACK — HTTP/2 header compression

Includes a functional implementation of HPACK, HTTP/2's header compression/decompression algorithm. It's not used by the shitty daemon yet. See the hpack & hpack/huffy directories.

See also

If you like useless daemons, you might also be interested in wtfd.