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AeroPress Brew Guides

A collection of recipes for the many possible ways to brew coffee with an AeroPress.


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Company or Person Inverted Recipe Published Notes
Aerobie no open (pdf) Mar. 2016
Alan Adler no open (video) Official guide with commentary from AeroPress founder. Video by Prima Coffee.
Alternative Brewing yes open (webpage) Multiple different brewing guides on one page; scroll to Making an AeroPress Coffee – Inverted Method.
Blue Bottle yes open (webpage) Dec. 2013
Brian Beyke yes open (webpage) Apr. 2016 Brian runs the podcast I Brew My Own Coffee.
Brewing is for Everyone yes open (webpage) May 2016
Brick & Mortar Coffee yes open (webpage) Aug. 2014 Pressing out air before steeping is unique.
Chris Drinks Coffee yes open (webpage) May 2016
Clifton Coffee Roasters no open (video) Sept. 2014 Makes coffee for 2. Plunging into hot water is different.
Coava Coffee yes open (webpage) Nov. 2013
Coffee Supreme yes open (pdf) See pages 12–13. Also available as an eBook.
Counter Culture Coffee yes open (video) Sept. 2015 Also available in words.
Craft Coffee yes open (webpage) Mar. 2014
Crema Coffee Roasters yes open (webpage)
Crema Coffee Roasters yes open (webpage) Iced coffee.
Everyman Espresso yes open (webpage) Oct. 2010 Recipe is at the bottom of the article.
Filip Kucharczyk yes [open (webpage)][44] June 2016 World AeroPress Championship 2016, 1st Place. Of Cafe Targowa in Wrocław, Poland.
Has Bean yes open (webpage) 80–85 °C = 176–185 °F.
Heart Coffee no open (webpage) Nov. 2013 Also as pdf or video.
Hugo Sousa Rocco no [open (webpage)][44] June 2016 World AeroPress Championship 2016, 3rd Place. Of Moka Clube in Curitiba, Brazil.
Jerome Dittmar no [open (webpage)][44] June 2016 World AeroPress Championship 2016, 2nd Place.
Jesse Gordon yes open (image) Included with Able Disk Fine.
Kaffeologie no open (slideshow) Uses the Kaffeologie S Filter.
Kaffeologie yes open (slideshow) Nov. 2013 Uses the Kaffeologie S Filter.
Kanji Ino no open (image) Included with Able Disk.
Kruve yes open (video) Jan. 2017 Uses Kruve coffee sieves.
Lukas Zahradnik yes open (webpage) June 2015 World AeroPress Championship 2015, 1st Place. Also as video.
Marco Arment no open (webpage) July 2012 Iced coffee.
Market Lane Coffee yes open (video) Sept. 2012
Prima Coffee Equipment no open (video) Simplified version of Jesse Myers' recipe (Quills Coffee) in Big Eastern Brewers Cup.
PuckPuck no open (webpage) July 2018 Add-on to make "ice brew" style cold brew coffee with the AeroPress.
Sightglass Coffee no open (webpage) Great illustrations. Also available as a video.
Square Mile Coffee Roasters no open (webpage)
Stumptown no open (webpage) June 2015
Stumptown no open (video) May 2015
Stumptown yes open (webpage) Jan. 2013 Stumptown recommended inverted until switching in 2015.
The Coffee Chaser yes open (webpage)
The Coffee Collective yes open (webpage) Jan. 2010 Inspired by Tim Wendelboe
Tim Wendelboe no open (webpage) Oct. 2010 Also available as a video.
Walter's Coffee Roastery no open (webpage)


World AeroPress Championship

Year Place Winning Recipe
2017 1st Paulina Miczka
2nd Yusuke Narisawa
3rd Jeongsu Park
2016 1st Filip Kucharczyk
2nd Jerome Dittmar
3rd Hugo Sousa Rocco
2015 1st Lukas Zahradnik
2nd Nick Hatch
3rd Kaye Joy Ong
2014 1st Shuichi Sasaki
2nd Martin Karabinos
3rd Jeff Verellen
2013 1st Jeff Verellen
2nd Wille Yli-Luoma
3rd Tibor Varady
2012 1st Charlene De Buysere
2nd Ingri M. Johnsen
2011 1st Jeff Verellen
2nd Joshua Wismans

US AeroPress Championship

Year Place Winning Recipe
2017 1st Zach Perkins
2016 1st Ben Jones
2nd Mike Cannon
3rd Nelson Icenhower
2015 1st Rusty Obra
2nd Joe Drazenovich
3rd Kevin Rosenkranz
2014 1st Jeremy Moore
2nd Brendon Glidden
3rd Andrew Bettis


Name Notes
Able Disk Espresso grind will clog it.
Able Disk Fine Preserves oils and reduces sediment vs. Disk Standard.
Able Gold Disk
Able Gold Disk Fine Created for winners of barista competitions. Result is the same as the normal version.
Aerobie Micro-Filters In blind taste tests, paper filters were preferred over metal.
Fellow Prismo A unique filter cap replacement with pressure actuated valve and built-in metal filter.
Kaffeologie S Filter
KoHi Labs Metal Fabric Filter
Rusty's Hawaiian filter Used by Rusty Obra, winner of the 2015 US AeroPress Championship.
SSW Japan Metal Filter As sold by Tim Wendelboe and others. Popular in Japan.
Ten Mile Stainless Steel
ameuus micro filter Kickstarter, ends 11/20/2018. Stainless steel.

Other Products

Name Creator Notes
Coffee Brewing Dice: AeroPress Edition James Hoffmann Roll a set of five dice to determine your brewing recipe. There's also a video, and an unofficial web app.
Delter Coffee Press Mark Folker / Delter Coffee Tools It looks like an AeroPress but works differently. More info.



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