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This repo holds a working version of Hadoop WordCount app that's the 'hello world" of hadoop jobs.

The docs on the hadoop wiki are a bit unclear/miselading and I also needed to make a couple of tweaks to the script, including adding the jar to the classpath with setJarByClass so the full test jar can be found.

This runs successfully on the Cloudera cdh3u3 distro, and I think should also work on other recent versions such as the Apache "" release.

cd /usr/local
curl -O
tar xzvf hadoop-0.20.2-cdh3u3.tar.gz    

And adding these things to your bashrc/zshrc:

export HADOOP_VERSION=hadoop-0.20.2-cdh3u3
export HADOOP_HOME="/usr/local/$HADOOP_VERSION"

export HADOOP_OPTS="-server"

alias hadoopstart=''
alias hadoopstop=''
alias hadoopstatus="jps | egrep '(TaskTracker|JobTracker|DataNode|NameNode|SecondaryNameNode)'"

# hadoop dfs commands
for CMD in "ls" "cat" "tail" "rm" "rmr" "mkdir" "chown" "chmod"; do
    alias "h$CMD"="hadoop dfs -$CMD"

Then making these changes to the $HADOOP_HOME/conf files:

diff --git a/conf/core-site.xml b/conf/core-site.xml
index 970c8fe..4a08cc2 100644
--- a/conf/core-site.xml
+++ b/conf/core-site.xml
@@ -4,5 +4,14 @@
 <!-- Put site-specific property overrides in this file. -->
+    <property>
+        <name>hadoop.tmp.dir</name>
+        <value>/usr/local/tmp/hadoop</value>
+        <description>A base for other temporary directories.</description>
+    </property>
+    <property>
+        <name></name>
+        <value>hdfs://localhost:8020</value>
+    </property>    
diff --git a/conf/hdfs-site.xml b/conf/hdfs-site.xml
index 970c8fe..37cfa0d 100644
--- a/conf/hdfs-site.xml
+++ b/conf/hdfs-site.xml
@@ -4,5 +4,8 @@
 <!-- Put site-specific property overrides in this file. -->
+    <property>
+        <name>dfs.replication</name>
+        <value>1</value>
+    </property>        
diff --git a/conf/mapred-site.xml b/conf/mapred-site.xml
index 970c8fe..21cdfbd 100644
--- a/conf/mapred-site.xml
+++ b/conf/mapred-site.xml
@@ -4,5 +4,8 @@
 <!-- Put site-specific property overrides in this file. -->
+    <property>
+        <name>mapred.job.tracker</name>
+        <value>localhost:8021</value>
+    </property>    

You can then format the hadoop file system:

hadoop namenode -format 

(this will create a dfs directory in the directory you specified for the hadoop.tmp.dir property in core-site.xml.

Then you should be able to run hadoop with:


(this command will ssh into localhost, so you might need to set up your ssh public key in your own authorized_keys file to avoid getting prompted for a password for each one)

You should be able to get to the job tracker and the name node in a web browser now.

To run the wordcount sample, use these commands:

first, copy the test files into the hadoop distributed file system:


then, compile and jar up the application.


lastly, run the app and see the results

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