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Check DOM component in view

Also can use it handle something like transition effect in view

You can use it log some dom component impression


  • getCount()

Get current impression dom object quantity

  • addImpression([dom object])

Add dom object or nodelist which want to check impression

type required description example
dom object DOM Object or Node List required dom object which want to check impression document.querySelector('#traget'), document.querySelectorAll('.traget li')
  • removeImpression([key])

Remove impression dom object, but you must know which dom object match impression key

type required description example
key String required impression obj key and it is impression_ + number impression_0, impression_3
  • calcImpression([doSomething], [width], [height])

Calculate Dom object in view & get callback

You can use it do something like ga or log or transition

type required description example
doSomething function([dom]) {} option callback function function(dom) {console.log(dom);}
width Number option view width want to calculate, default is browser view width 960
height Number option view height want to calculate, default is browser view height 480
type required description
dom DOM Object option impression dom object
  • impressionObj

Show object which added to impression dom object


var IMP = new impression();


window.addEventListener('scroll', debounce(function() {
    IMP.calcImpression(function (dom) {
}, 300));