Commits on Dec 21, 2011
  1. Sending valid xml to pickup request service

    Unable to test fully because the test account does not have authenticated
    access to the service`
    committed Dec 21, 2011
  2. Adding pickup request to FedEx library

    Initial work at getting a FedEx pickup request.  Going on the poor (as in
    terribly poor and you're a lazy bum tedshroyer) assumption that a user will
    always want the pickup from the primary account location.
    committed Dec 21, 2011
Commits on Dec 20, 2011
  1. Giving up on the library naming and picking pyship.

    Will straighten out other stuff later, but pyship should be ok since I own
    the domain name I think... don't I?
    committed Dec 20, 2011
Commits on Dec 15, 2011
  1. Adding some handling for the soap:Fault

    Fedex returns a soap:Fault if the message is not properly formatted.  To
    keep with the same exception handling, this has been parsed (rather poorly)
    to make things work like before
    committed Dec 15, 2011
Commits on Dec 14, 2011
  1. Jacking around with trying to get ups/ to import shipping …

    shipping there is another module named shipping in the path
    committed Dec 14, 2011
  2. Moved the xsd files into subdirectories. Added soapenvelop xsd to make

    parsing fedex error messages easier
    committed Dec 14, 2011
Commits on Dec 13, 2011
  1. Added relative import of shipping in ups/ for getting Address

    class to prevent naming conflicts with other libraries
    committed Dec 13, 2011
  2. Broke all the lists :(

    committed Dec 13, 2011
  3. More tweaking

    committed Dec 13, 2011
  4. Forgot to add new generate ds bindings for XAV. !!IMPORTANT!! Had to …

    …modify generated file to set indicator markers to be true for xml
    committed Dec 13, 2011
Commits on Dec 12, 2011
  1. Removed standard output on parseString functions for fedex and ups rate

    responses autogenerated xml interface.  Added a way to pass a single service
    code for rating a package for fedex and ups.  parsed ups xml response into
    the dictionary structure we use everywhere
    committed Dec 12, 2011
Commits on Dec 9, 2011
  1. Parsed version of FedEx rating done. Doesn't handle all the possible …

    yet, but probably explodes nicely when an error occurs.
    committed Dec 9, 2011
Commits on Dec 8, 2011
  1. Updated Readme so that people can maybe use this when the read it wit…

    thinking too hard, especially about suds.  Used non-SOAP xml posts to both
    fedex and ups to rate a package so starting to go this way to remove sudsy
    soapy stuff forever!
    committed Dec 8, 2011
Commits on Dec 6, 2011
Commits on Dec 5, 2011
  1. Posted a rate request to wsbeta so the auth errors for AVS must have

    something to do with  account privledges on
    committed Dec 5, 2011
Commits on Nov 29, 2011
  1. Removed pysimplesoap stuff from UPS. Added properties to Address clas…

    …s in  Did a bunch of work with fedex xml interface only to run into
    Authorization Failure when posting to service.
    committed Nov 29, 2011
Commits on Nov 28, 2011
Commits on Nov 22, 2011
Commits on Nov 21, 2011
  1. Adding in the notification messages so I can see them in the response…

    … more
    easily when there are warning
    committed Nov 21, 2011