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I got bored of having to make predictable changes to package.json, composer.json and smart.json files (amongst other things), and i couldn't find any command line things that did this in an easy way.

NB - this is still in development, so the API is subject to change


npm install -g argonaut


argonaut -f path/to/file.json key value [other key value pairs]

The file path can be relative or absolute

The key is a . (dot) delimited path to the value. The following command

argonaut -f test.json 4

would produce:

  "staff": {
    "uk": {
      "count": 4


Still to do:

  • array/append mode (append value to key, rather than assign)
  • increment mode (increment existing by value)
  • semver mode (modify semver at key by value)