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Made the message dialogs clearer for when a computed hash does or doe…

…s not match the users expected hash in the File tab and Drag and Drop modes
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tedsmith committed Nov 6, 2018
1 parent 1320dfc commit 06a8ebe2e38b59c0ca864c13db6d7d2222404f63
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@@ -1,12 +1,19 @@
Version History
Version History
v3.0.3 (Nov 2018)
The 'Load Hashlist' functionality in the 'FileS' tab would accept all values but then compare them against computer uppercase hashes strings, meaning any lowercase imported values were not matched.
Now all input is converted to uppercase first.
The 'FileS' tab was computing file hashes of zero bytes returning the default initialisation hash for the chosen algorithm. I thought I had corrected that a long time ago but I may only have done
so for the 'File' tab according to the release notes. That was fixed returning instead 'ZERO BYTE FILE'.
A feature request was made asking for a clearer message when computed hashes do not match expected hash values input
by the user. So a new message dialog is now shown that tries to make it very clear the hashes do or do not match for
single file hashing in the 'File' tab or when using 'drag and drop'.
v3.0.2 (Mar 2018)
Filenames and paths were being truncated at 128 characters in length in the display grid, despite still finding and hashing the files. It was merely a display problem, but quite a signfiicant display problem for logging purposes!
Better string handling in SQLite dbases unit to ensure strings are not truncated
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
object frmDiskHashingModule: TfrmDiskHashingModule
Left = 506
Left = 528
Height = 647
Top = 88
Top = 105
Width = 787
Caption = 'QuickHash v3.0.3 - Disk Hashing Module'
ClientHeight = 647
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ object frmDiskHashingModule: TfrmDiskHashingModule
OnCreate = FormCreate
OnShow = btnRefreshDiskListClick
Position = poDesktopCenter
LCLVersion = ''
LCLVersion = ''
object Label2: TLabel
Left = 16
Height = 13
@@ -96,7 +96,6 @@ object frmDiskHashingModule: TfrmDiskHashingModule
Top = 48
Width = 735
Anchors = [akTop, akLeft, akRight]
DefaultItemHeight = 16
HotTrack = True
ParentShowHint = False
PopupMenu = PopupMenu1
@@ -92,8 +92,8 @@
<ResourceBaseClass Value="Form"/>
<UnitName Value="Unit2"/>
<IsVisibleTab Value="True"/>
<TopLine Value="4783"/>
<CursorPos X="32" Y="4812"/>
<TopLine Value="4856"/>
<CursorPos X="39" Y="4870"/>
<UsageCount Value="201"/>
<Loaded Value="True"/>
<LoadedDesigner Value="True"/>
@@ -369,22 +369,22 @@
<EditorIndex Value="-1"/>
<TopLine Value="4"/>
<CursorPos X="53" Y="16"/>
<UsageCount Value="180"/>
<UsageCount Value="182"/>
<Filename Value="uloadhashlist.pas"/>
<IsPartOfProject Value="True"/>
<UnitName Value="uLoadhashlist"/>
<EditorIndex Value="-1"/>
<CursorPos X="21"/>
<UsageCount Value="178"/>
<UsageCount Value="180"/>
<Filename Value="uKnownHashLists.pas"/>
<EditorIndex Value="1"/>
<TopLine Value="52"/>
<CursorPos X="11" Y="78"/>
<UsageCount Value="86"/>
<UsageCount Value="87"/>
<Loaded Value="True"/>
@@ -452,127 +452,123 @@
<UsageCount Value="9"/>
<JumpHistory Count="30" HistoryIndex="29">
<JumpHistory Count="29" HistoryIndex="28">
<Filename Value="unit2.pas"/>
<Caret Line="2901" Column="37" TopLine="2873"/>
<Caret Line="1396" Column="33" TopLine="1367"/>
<Filename Value="unit2.pas"/>
<Caret Line="3236" Column="47" TopLine="3208"/>
<Caret Line="1398" Column="26" TopLine="1370"/>
<Filename Value="unit2.pas"/>
<Caret Line="3246" Column="47" TopLine="3218"/>
<Caret Line="1425" Column="23" TopLine="1396"/>
<Filename Value="unit2.pas"/>
<Caret Line="3378" Column="35" TopLine="3349"/>
<Caret Line="1429" Column="21" TopLine="1400"/>
<Filename Value="unit2.pas"/>
<Caret Line="3402" Column="46" TopLine="3373"/>
<Caret Line="1462" Column="18" TopLine="1433"/>
<Filename Value="unit2.pas"/>
<Caret Line="3405" Column="46" TopLine="3376"/>
<Caret Line="1493" Column="18" TopLine="1464"/>
<Filename Value="unit2.pas"/>
<Caret Line="3559" Column="35" TopLine="3559"/>
<Caret Line="1596" Column="14" TopLine="1567"/>
<Filename Value="unit2.pas"/>
<Caret Line="503" Column="25" TopLine="486"/>
<Caret Line="1602" Column="14" TopLine="1573"/>
<Filename Value="unit2.pas"/>
<Caret Line="1111" Column="14" TopLine="1078"/>
<Caret Line="1616" Column="16" TopLine="1587"/>
<Filename Value="unit2.pas"/>
<Caret Line="2941" Column="20" TopLine="2912"/>
<Caret Line="1623" Column="14" TopLine="1594"/>
<Filename Value="unit2.pas"/>
<Caret Line="3357" Column="20" TopLine="3328"/>
<Caret Line="2065" Column="14" TopLine="2036"/>
<Filename Value="unit2.pas"/>
<Caret Line="3562" Column="45" TopLine="3533"/>
<Caret Line="2584" Column="16" TopLine="2556"/>
<Filename Value="unit2.pas"/>
<Caret Line="3563" Column="14" TopLine="3534"/>
<Caret Line="2590" Column="16" TopLine="2562"/>
<Filename Value="unit2.pas"/>
<Caret Line="3567" Column="14" TopLine="3538"/>
<Caret Line="2824" Column="16" TopLine="2796"/>
<Filename Value="unit2.pas"/>
<Caret Line="3568" Column="14" TopLine="3539"/>
<Caret Line="3077" Column="30" TopLine="3049"/>
<Filename Value="unit2.pas"/>
<Caret Line="3608" Column="16" TopLine="3580"/>
<Caret Line="3106" Column="32" TopLine="3078"/>
<Filename Value="unit2.pas"/>
<Caret Line="3724" Column="70" TopLine="3701"/>
<Caret Line="3111" Column="34" TopLine="3083"/>
<Filename Value="unit2.pas"/>
<Caret Line="2398" Column="29" TopLine="2385"/>
<Caret Line="3153" Column="34" TopLine="3125"/>
<Filename Value="dbases_sqlite.pas"/>
<Caret Line="54" Column="15" TopLine="38"/>
<Filename Value="unit2.pas"/>
<Caret Line="3190" Column="18" TopLine="3161"/>
<Filename Value="unit2.pas"/>
<Caret Line="2403" Column="50" TopLine="2376"/>
<Caret Line="3196" Column="16" TopLine="3167"/>
<Filename Value="unit2.pas"/>
<Caret Line="1838" Column="28" TopLine="1821"/>
<Caret Line="3238" Column="21" TopLine="3210"/>
<Filename Value="unit2.pas"/>
<Caret Line="1910" Column="33" TopLine="1882"/>
<Caret Line="3267" Column="23" TopLine="3239"/>
<Filename Value="unit2.pas"/>
<Caret Line="2006" Column="49" TopLine="1977"/>
<Caret Line="3277" Column="23" TopLine="3249"/>
<Filename Value="unit2.pas"/>
<Caret Line="81" Column="48" TopLine="58"/>
<Caret Line="3360" Column="18" TopLine="3331"/>
<Filename Value="unit2.pas"/>
<Caret Line="488" Column="29" TopLine="475"/>
<Caret Line="3373" Column="18" TopLine="3344"/>
<Filename Value="unit2.pas"/>
<Caret Line="2221" Column="39" TopLine="2192"/>
<Caret Line="3384" Column="15" TopLine="3355"/>
<Filename Value="unit2.pas"/>
<Caret Line="2222" Column="41" TopLine="2193"/>
<Caret Line="4338" Column="34" TopLine="4310"/>
<Filename Value="unit2.pas"/>
<Caret Line="3849" Column="97" TopLine="3821"/>
<Caret Line="4386" Column="28" TopLine="4358"/>
<Filename Value="unit2.pas"/>
<Caret Line="3858" Column="52" TopLine="3830"/>
<Caret Line="4530" Column="21" TopLine="4502"/>
<Filename Value="unit2.pas"/>
<Caret Line="4449" Column="63" TopLine="4421"/>
@@ -1,15 +1,15 @@
object frmDisplayGrid1: TfrmDisplayGrid1
Left = 301
Left = 409
Height = 527
Top = 180
Top = 331
Width = 790
Caption = 'QuickHash - Copy Results'
ClientHeight = 527
ClientWidth = 790
OnClose = FormClose
OnCreate = FormCreate
Position = poScreenCenter
LCLVersion = ''
LCLVersion = ''
object btnClipboardResultsCOPYTAB: TButton
Left = 280
Height = 23
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