Deep neural networks in Rust
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Deep learning in Rust! This is my first shot at this. It's mostly just a proof of concept right now. The API will change.


We have these models implemented (check out the examples folder):

  • MNIST handwritten digit recognition
  • char-rnn using LSTM

So far, we have the following layers implemented:

  • Matrix multiply (fully connected)
  • Add (for bias, for example)
  • LSTM
  • Softmax
  • MSE loss
  • Cross entropy loss

We have the following optimizers:

  • SGD
  • RMSProp

Road map

  • More layer types (in the order that I'll probably get to them)
    • Conv2d
    • Pooling
    • Dropout
  • Allow datatypes other than f32 and implement casting between arrays of primitive numeric types.
  • Provide utilities for working with data
    • images
    • tsv and csv
    • raw text data and word embeddings


We have a looong way to go :)

  • Fast
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • More control when you need it
  • Easy to define custom layers
  • Readable internal codebase