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a simple process model for go
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Ifrit - a process model for go.

Ifrit is a small set of interfaces for composing single-purpose units of work into larger programs. Users divide their program into single purpose units of work, each of which implements the Runner interface Each Runner can be invoked to create a Process which can be monitored and signaled to stop.

The name Ifrit comes from a type of daemon in arabic folklore. It's a play on the unix term 'daemon' to indicate a process that is managed by the init system.

Ifrit ships with a standard library which contains packages for common processes - http servers, integration test helpers - alongside packages which model process supervision and orchestration. These packages can be combined to form complex servers which start and shutdown cleanly.

The advantage of small, single-responsibility processes is that they are simple, and thus can be made reliable. Ifrit's interfaces are designed to be free of race conditions and edge cases, allowing larger orcestrated process to also be made reliable. The overall effect is less code and more reliability as your system grows with grace.

The full documentation is written in godoc, and can be found at:

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