Replication files for analyses and experiments in "Consistency, Calibration, and Efficiency of Variational Inference" (T. Westling & T. H. McCormick)
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Replication files for analyses and experiments in "Beyond prediction: A framework for inference with variational approximations in mixture models".

To download the NLSY97 data, follow these steps:

  1. Download "data/data.NLSY97" from this repository

  2. Direct your browser to

  3. Under "Upload Tagset (from PC):" click "Choose File" and select data.NLSY97. The "Review Selected Variables" tab should show 53 variables.

  4. Click the "Save/Download" tab and then "Advanced Download"

  5. Unselect everything except "Tagset", "R Source Code", and "Codebook of Selected Variables". Next to "Filename" type "data".

  6. Click download. Save the results to the data/ directory.