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Eagle image importer
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Eagle image importer

image2eagle is a replacement for the "import-bmp" user-language program (ULP) that comes with Autodesk EAGLE. Its enhanced features include:

  • Reading multiple image formats
  • Conversion from color or grayscale to bitmap
  • Faster than import-bmp
  • May allow higher resolution while maintianing minimum linewidth (see below)
  • Default settings optimized for use with OSH Park silkscreen
  • Outputs line or rectangle primitives (lines have rounded ends; rectangles are square)
  • Doesn't change your grid after importing!

image2eagle accepts high-resolution input images and resizes only in the vertical dimension to use the specified linewidth. In the horizontal dimension, the output coordinates retain the original image resolution. Here, you can see the difference on the same text rendered using 2.5mil rectangles. The top image was produced by image2eagle and the bottom by import-bmp.

400 DPI comparison

Here is the result fabricated by OSH Park:

OSH Park Sample

Depending on your board manufacturer, these differences may vary.


usage: [-h] [-w LINE_WIDTH] [-d INPUT_DPI] [-l LAYER]
                       [-t THRESHOLD] [-p PRIMITIVE] [-n]
                       image scr

Convert image to Eagle line or rectangle primitives. Resulting script must be
run in Eagle to import image.

positional arguments:
  image                 input image
  scr                   output script

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -w LINE_WIDTH, --line-width LINE_WIDTH
                        rendered line width in mils (default = 2.5)
  -d INPUT_DPI, --input-dpi INPUT_DPI
                        input image resolution in dots per inch
  -l LAYER, --layer LAYER
                        eagle layer number (default = 21)
  -t THRESHOLD, --threshold THRESHOLD
                        image threshold (default = 127)
  -p PRIMITIVE, --primitive PRIMITIVE
                        eagle primitive: r = rect (default), l = line
  -n, --invert          invert input image (black <-> white)


Once you have created the Eagle scr file, you can import the graphic by running it from the "File/Execute Script.." menu in Eagle.

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