Absolutely incredible Fizzbuzz implementation with a GUI written with React.js
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#React-FizzBuzz ##A classic fizzbuzz implementation I made a simple Fizzbuzz implentation to learn React.js. The source in src/ must be compiled from CoffeeScript to JavaScript then bundled with Browserify.

##Now In CoffeeScript FizzBuzz is now written in CoffeeScript and does not use JSX. Here's an example for how to compile a .coffee file:

coffee -o src/javascripts/ -c src/coffees/fizzbuzz.coffee

After the .coffee files are compiled, you'll have to run Browserify to bundle the app and its dependencies in build/bundle.js.

browserify src/javascripts/fizzbuzz.js -o build/bundle.js

Here's how to compile the JSX for the old JavaScript version:

jsx --watch src/ build/

FYI: you may need to npm install -g react-tools if you haven't already.