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A distributed memory list caching system

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Alchemy v. 1.1.1 - a simple, light-weight list caching server


Alchemy is fast, simple, and distributed list caching server intended to relieve load on relational databases. It uses the same scalable, non-blocking architecture that Starling ( is built on. It also speaks the Memcache protocol, so any language that has a memcached client can operate with Alchemy.


This project is hosted at GitHub:

Alchemy can be installed through GitHub gems:

gem sources -a
sudo gem install teej-alchemy

Quick Start Usage

In a console window start the Alchemy server. By default it runs verbosely in the foreground, listening on and stores its files under /tmp/alchemy. To run it as a daemon:

alchemy -d

In a new console test the put and get of items in a list:

>> require 'alchemy'
=> true
>> alchemy ='')
=> #<Alchemy:0x203f384 ... >
>> alchemy.set("my_array", "chunky")
=> nil
>> alchemy.set("my_array", "bacon")
=> nil
>> alchemy.get("my_array")
=> ["chunky", "bacon"]


  • TJ Murphy

Starling Contributors

  • Blaine Cook

  • Chris Wanstrath

  • AnotherBritt

  • Glenn Rempe

  • Abdul-Rahman Advany


Alchemy - a simple, light-weight list caching server. Copyright 2008 TJ Murphy

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