Polo v17.7 (Beta 8)

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What's New

Convert virtual disk files to other formats

Option was added for converting virtual disk images to other formats.

Wiki Page

PDF Actions (Donation Feature)

Options were added to the context menu for performing common operations on PDF files.

Wiki Page

Write ISO to USB Device (Donation Feature)

Option was added to context menu to write ISO file to the USB device.

Wiki Page

Donation Plugins

Donation features have been moved to a separate package polo-donation-plugins. This package is complimentary and will be shared by email with users who have donated to this project or contributed in other ways such as translations, code changes, etc. Users can make a donation for $10 or more via PalPal to receive the donation plugins by email.

New Installer

The installer has been completely rewritten and is now both easier to use and compatible with more Linux distributions. Required packages will be installed at one go instead of installing one by one. It will warn if required packages are missing in the repositories, or if user tries to run the 64-bit installer on a 32-bit system. It supports dnf and yum on Fedora / RedHat based distributions, pacman on Arch based, and apt on Debian / Ubuntu based distributions.


  • Fixed: Renamed items sometimes disappear when folder is reloaded
  • Fixed: Files sometimes remain visible in the original location even after they have been moved to another location using cut and paste
  • Fixed: Crash on adjusting sliders for icon size from Settings window
  • Fixed: While editing location in path bar, the default input menu was still connected but not usable
  • Fixed: Missing icons on various distributions and icon themes. Fallback icons have been included for all icons used in the UI. They will be used if the system icon theme doesn't include icons with requested names.
  • Fixed: KVM: Check if file exists before creating a new disk with specified name
  • Fixed: Creating a copy of files in the same folder using copy-paste would name the new files as "title.ext (1)" instead of "title (1).ext".
  • Installer: Installer will offer to install required packages for RedHat/Fedora based distributions
  • ContextMenu: Option was added to Open With and Set Default submenu for selecting an application that is not registered for the selected file type. Use the Other menu item to select from a list of all installed applications.
  • KVM: Option was added to Settings window to limit the CPU usage
  • Wiki: New GitHub wiki was created for documentation
  • Wiki: List of changes will be displayed in web browser after updating to new version of Polo. Changelog button was added to About window.
  • Various other fixes and improvements
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