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Trailer Grab for use with Plex

trailergrab is a command-line program that will scan your plex movie folders and find which movies are missing trailers. It will then try find trailers on YouTube and download them.

Don't forget to tell Plex to update your libraries once you get new trailers!


From source

This was written in Python 3.7.1, and should work with Python 3.6+ (uses PEP 498). Install the latest Python 3 from the Python Software Foundation.

It uses BeautifulSoup and youtube-dl.

Clone the repository: git clone

Make a python virtual environment for it:

cd trailergrab
python3 -m venv env

Activate your virtual environment, and install needed packages:


pip install -r requirements.txt


source ./env/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

Binary releases

At the moment, only binary releases for Windows will be made available. This may change in the future. Extract the archive to a folder somewhere. The binaries are trailergrab.exe and urlgrab.exe. The binaries are made with pyinstaller and have a full python environment provided with them. I know some antiviruses tend to flag binaries like this, so if you feel unsafe, rather use the python script directly.



For macos and *nix machines, ensure your media volumes are mounted locally. Windows machines can use UNC paths.

Assuming your media structure is something like this:

/media/movies/A Glorious Movie (1981)
             /Another Glorious Movie (1984)
             /Chuckles The Clown (1973)
             /The Friendly Borg (2001)
/media/movies2/Some Other Movie (2014)
              /Yet Another Movie (2016)
              /Zap! The Movie (2018)

or Windows:

\\nasserver\movieshare\A Glorious Movie (1981)
                      \Another Glorious Movie (1984)
                      \Chuckles The Clown (1973)
                      \The Friendly Borg (2001)
\\adifferentnas\moviesshare2\Some Other Movie (2014)
                            \Yet Another Movie (2016)
                            \Zap! The Movie (2018)

also Windows:

E:\movies\A Glorious Movie (1981)
         \Another Glorious Movie (1984)
         \Chuckles The Clown (1973)
         \The Friendly Borg (2001)
K:\moviesshare2\Some Other Movie (2014)
               \Yet Another Movie (2016)
               \Zap! The Movie (2018)

You could execute trailergrab like this:

  • *nix source: python -p /media/movies -p /media/movies2
  • Windows source: python -p \\nasserver\movieshare -p k:\movieshare2
  • Windows binary: trailergrab.exe -p E:\movies -p \\adifferentnas\movieshare2

At least one -p option is required.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -p PATH, --path PATH  Top level movie folder to scan. Use option more than
                        once if you want to scan more paths.
  -s SUFFIX, --suffix SUFFIX
                        Add additional trailer suffixes. Use option more than
                        once if you want to add more suffixes to scan for.
                        Default: ['mp4', 'mkv', 'webm', 'avi']
  -l, --local           Enables local folder trailer download. Download
                        trailers to the local folder instead of to the movie
                        folder. Use this if you don't have write permission to
                        the movie folder. Disables the trailerfolder option.
  -f, --trailerfolder   Enables the Trailers folder. Download trailers to the
                        Trailers folder under the movie instead of the main
                        movie folder. Disables the local option.
  -i, --interactive     Enables interactive mode. This allows you to select
                        which trailer you want to download.
  -g, --log             Enables logging to trailergrab.log.
  -q, --quiet           Enables quiet mode. It won't print anything. Disables
                        interactive mode.
  -t TERMS, --terms TERMS
                        Search terms. This will be in addition to the movie
                        name. Default: "official trailer"
  -m MAX, --max MAX     Maximum number of search results to show. Default: 3
  -v, --version         Prints version information.

By default, trailergrab attempts to download trailers directly to the movie folder that needs one. If your media folders are read only, or you would rather put the trailers in place yourself, you can use the -l option. This will cause trailergrab to download the trailers to the folder trailergrab is executing from. You can use the -f option if you would rather trailers download to a 'Trailers' folder underneath your movie folder.

Youtube's search algorithm thinks it knows better than you and will just ignore certain keywords in the search field. It also sometimes includes completely unrelated trailers, so it is quite likely that you may end up with an undesired trailer, especially if your movie is older than say 2014 (you will get better results the more recent your movie is). I've also found that you will get different results on subsequent searches with exactly the same keywords.

During testing, I was scanning for Aladdin (1992), of which no trailers were found. Suddenly, a while later, a trailer downloads. It turns out that the trailer for Aladdin (2019) had just dropped, and that's what was downloaded. Sigh.

Use the -i flag to enable interactive mode, and you will be presented with a list of trailers of which you can choose to download one, or not. As you like.

Trailergrab searches your media for trailers in the following formats: mp4, mkv, webm and avi. If you know you have trailers in other formats use the -s ext flag to add it to the list. You can add multiple formats by repeating the -s flag.

Use -g to log to a file. There's more detail than what is output to the screen.

Use -q if you want to call it from scripts.

Use -t to adjust the search keywords from 'official trailer'. If you're having no luck, particularly on older movies, try using just 'trailer'.

Be warned that Youtube's search may return different results on subsequent calls.


If you're annoyed that trailergrab just isn't finding that darned trailer you KNOW exists on youtube, you can use urlgrab to download it. This is just a simpler interface to youtube-dl. Find the trailer on youtube. Copy the URL. It will look something like Paste it in as an argument to urlgrab:

  • *nix and Windows source: python -u
  • Windows binary: urlgrab.exe -u

At least one -u option is required. You can add as many as you want to download.

optional arguments:
  -u URL, --url URL  Youtube URL to download. Use this option as many times as
                     you want.