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* Author Teemu Mäntykallio
* Initializes the library and runs the stepper
* motor in alternating directions.
#include <TMCStepper.h>
#define EN_PIN 38 // Enable
#define DIR_PIN 55 // Direction
#define STEP_PIN 54 // Step
#define CS_PIN 42 // Chip select
#define SW_MOSI 66 // Software Master Out Slave In (MOSI)
#define SW_MISO 44 // Software Master In Slave Out (MISO)
#define SW_SCK 64 // Software Slave Clock (SCK)
#define SW_RX 63 // TMC2208/TMC2224 SoftwareSerial receive pin
#define SW_TX 40 // TMC2208/TMC2224 SoftwareSerial transmit pin
#define SERIAL_PORT Serial1 // TMC2208/TMC2224 HardwareSerial port
#define DRIVER_ADDRESS 0b00 // TMC2209 Driver address according to MS1 and MS2
#define R_SENSE 0.11f // Match to your driver
// SilentStepStick series use 0.11
// UltiMachine Einsy and Archim2 boards use 0.2
// Panucatt BSD2660 uses 0.1
// Watterott TMC5160 uses 0.075
// Select your stepper driver type
//TMC2130Stepper driver(CS_PIN, R_SENSE); // Hardware SPI
//TMC2130Stepper driver(CS_PIN, R_SENSE, SW_MOSI, SW_MISO, SW_SCK); // Software SPI
//TMC2660Stepper driver(CS_PIN, R_SENSE); // Hardware SPI
//TMC2660Stepper driver(CS_PIN, R_SENSE, SW_MOSI, SW_MISO, SW_SCK);
//TMC5160Stepper driver(CS_PIN, R_SENSE);
//TMC5160Stepper driver(CS_PIN, R_SENSE, SW_MOSI, SW_MISO, SW_SCK);
TMC2208Stepper driver(&SERIAL_PORT, R_SENSE); // Hardware Serial
//TMC2208Stepper driver(SW_RX, SW_TX, R_SENSE); // Software serial
//TMC2209Stepper driver(SW_RX, SW_TX, R_SENSE, DRIVER_ADDRESS);
void setup() {
pinMode(EN_PIN, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(EN_PIN, LOW); // Enable driver in hardware
// Enable one according to your setup
//SPI.begin(); // SPI drivers
//SERIAL_PORT.begin(115200); // HW UART drivers
//driver.beginSerial(115200); // SW UART drivers
driver.begin(); // SPI: Init CS pins and possible SW SPI pins
// UART: Init SW UART (if selected) with default 115200 baudrate
driver.toff(5); // Enables driver in software
driver.rms_current(600); // Set motor RMS current
driver.microsteps(16); // Set microsteps to 1/16th
//driver.en_pwm_mode(true); // Toggle stealthChop on TMC2130/2160/5130/5160
//driver.en_spreadCycle(false); // Toggle spreadCycle on TMC2208/2209/2224
driver.pwm_autoscale(true); // Needed for stealthChop
bool shaft = false;
void loop() {
// Run 5000 steps and switch direction in software
for (uint16_t i = 5000; i>0; i--) {
digitalWrite(STEP_PIN, HIGH);
digitalWrite(STEP_PIN, LOW);
shaft = !shaft;