Approximate Nearest Neighbour Search with Multiple Random Projection Trees
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MRPT - fast nearest neighbor search with random projection

NN search in 3 RP-trees

NEW! Python 3 bindings available!

MRPT is a library for approximate nearest neighbor search written in C++11. According to our experiments MRPT is currently the fastest alternative to reach high recall levels in common benchmark data sets.

In the offline phase of the algorithm MRPT indexes the data with a collection of random projection trees. In the online phase the index structure allows us to answer queries in superior time. A detailed description of the algorithm with the time and space complexities, and the aforementioned comparisons can be found on our article that was published on IEEE International Conference on Big Data 2016.

Python installation

Install the module with pip install git+

On MacOS, LLVM is needed for compiling: brew install llvm

You can now run the demo (runs in less than a minute): python An example output:

Indexing time: 5.993 seconds
100 approximate queries time: 0.230 seconds
100 exact queries time: 11.776 seconds
Average recall: 0.97

MRPT for other languages


MRPT is available under the MIT License (see LICENSE.txt). Note that third-party libraries in the cpp/lib folder may be distributed under other open source licenses. The Eigen library is licensed under the MPL2.


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