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Exporting for OP‐Z

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The OP-Z companion app for iOS will provide convenient access to videolab content.

Read more about the OP-Z.


Different versions of the OP-Z app require videopaks built with different versions of Unity.

  • OP-Z app 1.0.x require videopaks built with Unity 5.6.x
  • OP-Z app 1.1.x require videopaks built with Unity 18.2.x

Multiple versions of Unity can co-exist on your system - on mac you need to rename any existing "Unity" application folders before installing an additional version. Find all Unity versions here. Make sure you check the boxes for iOS and Mac build support in the Download Assistant.

Content exported for OP-Z can rely only on scripts included in videolab. If you want to add functionality to videolab feel free to fork the repo (see Contributing to videolab).

Exporting videopaks

A videopak is a folder containing the necessary assets to load your scene on all platforms supported by OP-Z - iOS and Mac currently.

First you need to set an asset bundle name to the scene you want to export. You can do this on multiple scenes in the same project if you want. DO NOT set the asset bundle name on any other assets.

Asset Bundle Name

Then click Build Videopaks in the Assets menu and select output directory in the dialog that comes up.

Importing videopaks in OP-Z app for iOS

Open iTunes on your computer. Connect your iOS device and click the minuscule button next to the Music dropdown in the top left.

Now click File Sharing and select OP-Z in the list of apps. Drag and drop your exported videopaks into the videopaks folder under OP-Z Documents. You can also drag the videopaks folder onto your computer and edit the contents there before dropping it back into the root of OP-Z Documents in iTunes.

Loading your videopak in OP-Z app

Visit Motion from the main menu (tap screen icon in bottom right corner to access the menu). When you are in Motion, tap anywhere to show the list of available videopaks. Your pak should be in the list.

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