Getting started

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  1. Install Unity. Personal edition is fine for desktop usage.

  2. Start a new Unity project.

  3. Import videolab package.

If you want the very latest version, clone the repo and drag drop everything from /Assets into your project. Note: you need the .meta files too, make sure they are copied.

Wiring your first patch

videolab relies on a node-based system called Klak for scripting. You can script via code too if you want, but there are some limitations (see Exporting for OP-Z).

  1. Add a Patch object to your scene - right-click in the Hierarchy and select Klak > Patch.

  2. Click Open Patcher in the Patch component Inspector. This opens the Patcher window, dock it somewhere the suits your editor setup.

  3. Right click inside the Patcher window, browse the Create menu for all the nodes that make up Klak. Nodes are patched together by dragging wires from inlets to outlets in the Patcher window. You need to enter Play mode to see your patch run.

  4. Connect some MIDI-enabled device to your computer and make sure it shows up in the Midi Jack window (Window > MIDI Jack). Experiment with the MIDI input and output Klak nodes.

Organising your patch

Be sure to name the nodes you add, otherwise your patch will quickly become impossible to read.

Also break complex patches up into multiple smaller patches. A super-patch can be used to enable and disable sub-patches using the Active Status Out node.

Klak node multi-editing

While multi-editing is not supported by the Patcher GUI there is a workaround. All nodes are also listed under the Patch object in the Hierarchy panel and selecting them there allows you to edit as many as you want.


Klak features a number of sample scenes covering the basics of MIDI.

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