very simple ticket tracker, *quite* inspired by ditz
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tkt issue tracker


With git:

git clone git://
cd tkt
sudo python install

From a downloaded tarball:

tar xzf tkt-tarball-file-name.tar.gz
cd tarball-file-name
sudo python install

If you are in a virtualenv or are root you won't need the "sudo".


tkt is a command-line program that accepts a variety of sub-commands.

A lot of care has been taken to ensure that commands are easy to find, learn more about and use. The command tkt help is your friend.

The tkt help command alone will present a list of all the available sub-commands (the default list will grow if you add plugins to a project). tkt help <command-name> (replacing <command-name> with an actual command) will display a help message for that command. You can also get to the help message of a command with tkt <command-name> -h or --help

Most of the commands will probably be exactly what you expect them to be. tkt add adds a new ticket, tkt close closes one, etc.