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Let's focus on one thing at a time. Get it done and move on to the next task.

If you think multi-tasking is not your way and inefficient... If you are overwhelmed with a pile of long-standing tasks in typical todo list and your energy always get drained at the start...

You must try WhatNext! It is a simple tool to help you do "single tasking".

Get it on Google Play


Keep it simple, focused and effective. There are some articles as listed below bout "single tasking" concept.


  • Arrange your tasks in series based on some conditions.
  • Show you only a task you should focus on right now.
  • Let you decide if you want to do it or skip it easily.
  • Tag a task with 4 pre-defined condition (Home, Work, Free-time and Shopping).

About the project

This project is really young. I develop it because I like the "single tasking" concept and want to learn Android application development. I do it just for fun. I will keep improving this app and release new version early and often.

Currently it is only tested with my Galaxy Nexus.

If you have any issues, want to contribute or have some feedbacks, please create an issue.

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