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What's new

Version 0.4 (beta)

  • new preview for open office definitions
  • new code for preview window [under the hood]
  • new option to separate name and year for in-text citations in open office
  • new option to separate pages with a big-hiven

Export Filter Editor

Version 0.4 (beta) This editor is free software under Conditions of GNU General Public License. Compiled using: Lazarus 1.6 & Richmemo 1.0

How to Use

  • Fill the table according to your wishes.
  • Save as HTML,RTF, JSTYLE File or as FDAT for later usage
  • Use filter in Jabref: For RTF and HTML: Options->manage custom exports For JSTYLE: Tools-> OpenOffice connection->Select Style


How to run the software under Linux?

  • The program is a binary file. To run it, you can just double click on it.
  • to run it from terminal: "./Export-Filter_Editor_Linux_64bit_v04b" (May be it necessary to mark it as executable first)

The Export-Filter-Editor does not support the Author format needed.

I experience some coding issues, some characters are not encoded correctly.

  • This program uses UTF-8 encoding
  • If you experience issues try to change the encoding by using external editors like
    • Notepad++ in Windows or Gedit on Linux


You can load a specific language file for the editor. Put translation.ini file into the Folder of the application Currently there is an uncompleted German translation file Feel free to create and distribute other translations. Source: README.txt, updated 2020-11-24


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