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A2B mod for Rimworld, edited for compatibility with Hardcore SK
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Hardcore SK edition

This is A2B, with minor changes for compatibility with skyarkhangel's Hardcore SK modpack. Tested in 1.8c.

Install instructions: Just put this in your mods folder along with the other mods. Start Rimworld, enable the A2B mod and leave it last on the list. Enjoy!

A2B: conveyor belts & co.

Is your farm submerged by rotting produces ? Is your base cluttered by enemies' corpses ? Are your colonists repeatedly slacking off ?

If you answered ''Yes !'' to any of these questions, then A2B: conveyor belts & co. is the solution you need !

Our engineers have re-invented the wheel to create the 31st century solution to all your goods transport issues. No more endless back-and-forth trips carrying potatoes - let the A2B conveyor belts do it for you !


Order today, and get the full A2B system at no extra charge, including:

  • a reliable conveyor belt system that locks items to avoid accidents, but releases them in case of power cuts. No need to starve to death during eclipses !
  • a universal curve. No more headaches choosing between left or right turns !
  • a universal 'Loader', because A2B conveyor belts are sturdy enough to carry anything from berries to rock chunks and rotten corpses !
  • a smart 'Unloader' which neatly piles up your material and releases it for your lazy colonists to access - or directly refill your food hoppers !
  • a 'Splitter' unit, to make three belt lines out of one ... and a 'Merger' unit, to turn three belt lines into one !
  • a 'Selector' unit. Why sort items by hand if it can be automated ?
  • a long-range 'Teleporter' and 'Receiver' unit, so that your colonists can cross belt lines, or if you want your belt line to jump a wall ! (These will become an optional add-on in Alpha 11).
  • an 'Undercover' and 'Undertaker' pair of elements to send items underground for a while, and go below any building, wall, pawn, dining room, etc ...

Wait no more, and enjoy the modularity of the A2B: conveyor belts & co. system today. Isn't it time to turn this rural farm into a money-making factory?


The base A2B package contains a minimum sets of belt elements - all complimentary - that allow for a very wide range of belt designs. The base package will be suitable for most users, but if you have specific needs or "simply want more", you might be interested in one the following add-ons:

  • A2B: Selectors : this add-on (to be loaded AFTER the main mod) contains 11 new Selector designs to complement the main-mod Selector, and will get you covered, no matter how complex your sorting logic and belt geometry might be. In details: this add-on contains five new selectors with different pathing options and six selectors which are "soft" filtered variants. The difference between the normal ("hard") filtered selectors and the "soft" selectors is that the "soft" selectors will send an item which would be filtered to an alternate path if the filtered path is blocked. The new selectors will show up in a new tab "A2B Selectors" beside the "A2B" tab. The original selector has not been moved. The same research is required to access the new selectors as the original "[A2B] New Components". The selectors are in individual xml files so you can remove the ones you don't want (all are enabled by default).


Conveyor belts are fun and useful as a stand-alone tool, but their true potential is really revealed when they are connected to other 'machines'. And we at A2B are very well aware of that ! Hence, we are always on the lookout for new partnerships to ensure that our belt system can have the widest and most polyvalent applications !

Here are our current partners:

  • 'Vanilla' food hoppers: Yep, that's right, our A2B Unloaders can automatically refill your food hoppers - no more endless trip to the fields for your cooks !
  • Mechanical Defense 2 by mipen: place an A2B loader next to the ore extractor to send the precious gems/material on their merry way !

Do you own a 'machine' that you wish would connect to our belt system ? Get in touch so we can make this happen. We are always looking for new friends !

(Note: we at A2B are strong believers in the famous interstellar motto "The greatest fun comes from the smallest mod", hence our unique partnership system. YOU choose what you need (nothing else, nothing more) and WE make sure it works fine together.)


  • this mod was originally created using Haplo's DarkMatter Generator example as a canvas, which was subsequently heavily frankensteined into the A2B mod. It has since been subject to several complete structural overhauls.
  • we are happy for anyone to use this as they wish, steal the source code borrow programming ideas, etc ... if you do so, references to this post and credits are welcome but we won't be mad if you don't ;)
  • feel free to report any bugs, and we'll do our best to fix them. Or even better, send us your fix directly ;)
  • have suggestions ? Send them our way ! But note that this is not going to be a massive mod. It will deal with transport systems only !
  • We're working hard on the look of things, but we're always happy to get suggestions/contributions about this aspect as well !


  • noone
  • TehJoE
  • 1000101
  • asarium
  • FredrikLH
  • bigmap001

Bolded: Active members of the A2B corporation


All the code is on Github:

The image-based tutorial as well:

Known bugs

The list of existing bugs/wished features can be found here:

Any and all contributions & suggestions towards solving and/or implementing any of the features listed there will be warmly welcomed by our engineers, and properly rewarded ! (Note: the reward for helping improve and expand the A2B mod will be strictly limited to the glory and fame possibly but not certainly resulting from being added to the exclusive list of contributors to the mod. Don't expect silver ...)


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