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Shopify API C#.NET SDK [Not maintained anymore]
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Shopify API C#.NET SDK

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Shopify API and OAuth access implementation in C#.NET

Latest NuGet Release:

This library can be used from NuGet channel:


Further details on how to use / integrate Shopify.OAuth and / or Shopify.Api packages please refer this repository wiki pages.

Shopify .NET WIKI

Issue / bug:

If you have query, issues or bugs, it means you have shown interest and I thank you for that. Feel free to ask, suggest, report issue or post a bug here in context of this library use.

Please note: If your query / issue / bug is related to Shopify API / OAuth, I recommend to post it to official Shopify Support or Shopify Forums.

You can find all possible ways to connect with me at my blog (ref. footer)


Credit / disclaimer:

  • Shopify logo used in this readme file is owned by and copyright of Shopify Inc.
  • I am not affiliated with Shopify team, this work is solely undertaken by me.
  • This library is not or part of the Official set of libraries from Shopify and hence can be referred as Third party library for .NET.


This work is licensed under:

The MIT License (MIT) Copyright (c) 2015 Teference

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