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The modern documentation website Emacs deserves.

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I didn't particularly enjoy either browsing the manual online or in Emacs, and wished there was a modern equivalent. Luckily, there is now!

Included manuals

How to include other manuals

Only documentation for Emacs core and Emacs packages will be included, which must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Be licensed under a free documentation license such as the GNU Free Documentation License 1.3 or Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license or other free software licenses such as the GPLv3 or MIT.
  2. Are available in either Markdown or big-single-page HTML format.
  3. Are authoritative references on parts of GNU Emacs or packages interacting with GNU Emacs.


Please see the FAQs


The scripts used to convert the HTML manuals to Markdown can be found here. Please note that it's extremely jank and will be substantially revised in the future, contributors are welcome, but you've been warned!

Comments and Feedback

If you have any ideas or feddback about the project or the design of the website, please open a disccusion! I'd be more than happy to talk to discuss this further.