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The social bookmarking app for individuals and teams
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Tefter is a social bookmarking app for individuals and teams.

It's privacy focused, portable (mobile, desktop apps), has a growing list of integrations and enables team collaboration.



Intelligent Search

We index the contents of the pages you bookmark, but also calculate interesting metadata like word count, reading time, author and topics for articles.



You can search as you type and see results of lists, bookmarks, tags and domains.


Team Collaboration

You can create organizations, invite people and collectively add and organise your bookmarks.


Creating a Tefter organization is free for up to 5 seats. A seat is reserved for members who can add / edit / delete content. Read-only operations don't require occupying a seat, meaning that even in the free tier all the members of the org can search and use aliases.

We're committed to give back to open-source, so such communities can use Tefter for free without any limitations. Just shoot an email and we'll be happy to upgrade your plan.

Slack Integration


Any Slack workspace member who wishes to create or modify content of Tefter for the organization has to log in first. By logging in a Slack member account is connected to a Tefter one.

Use /tefter login to connect your accounts.

Adding bookmarks

You can use the /tefter <url> command or a Slack message action to add a bookmark.

Demo of the command slack integration add bookmark
Demo of the message action slack integration add bookmark


You can use the /tefter search <query> command or mention the @tefter bot to search.

An example using the mention might be:

Yo @tefter search functional programming

💡 There's a short version of the search command. It's just s.
Example: /tefter s agile

Demo of the search command slack integration search command

Sharing search results with others

When searching for any results that you wish to share to the members of the channel, you can select "share".



Keep in mind that @tefter has to be invited to that channel first.

Creating an alias

/tefter alias <alias> <url_pattern>


/tefter alias api-docs

or with a dynamic alias

/tefter alias deb-tracker{{*}}

Read more about aliases in the section below.

Resolving an alias

/tefter <alias_pattern>


/tefter deb-tracker/nginx

or by mentioning @tefter

@tefter deb-tracker/nginx

Listing all aliases

/tefter aliases

or by mentioning @tefter

@tefter aliases


You can create shortcuts to links you commonly use. We call such shortcuts aliases. Aliases can either be private for a user or they can be global for an organization.


You can use the {web, mobile, desktop} UI to create a new alias, or you can use the Slack integration.

For example, let's say you assign an alias to{{*}} to deb-sec.


Then when you navigate to you'll be redirected to

Aliases can be static, or dynamic. Dynamic aliases contain variable segments. Use {{*}} to create dynamic segments.

So, an alias ex pointing to{{*}}/a/{{*}}/b/{{*}} when invoked with go/ex/1/2/3 will redirect to

Browser Extension

You can use the browser extension to quickly navigate using aliases. This is currently only available in Chrome.


Search bar

You may also navigate using aliases from the search bar.


Command-Line Usage

We're working on command-line application you can use to interact with Tefter. Until it's released you can use a simple shell function like the following to navigate using aliases.

# Add this to your .zshrc
te() {
  open "$1"


Coming Soon

Functions in dynamic aliases.

Bookmarks Import

We're working on functionality to import bookmarks to your organizations. Meanwhile if you need any support importing bookmarks from any source to your org, let us know, we'll be happy to help.


We don't sell your data. Anything you post won't be public to other users unless you explicitly decide to share it. Your whole profile can be unlisted via Privacy Settings -> "Allow others to discover my profile" (uncheck).

It's social

You can follow users and see in your feed bookmarks they decided to share. You may also like any of the bookmarks appearing in your feed.


Karma Points

Share interesting stuff and you may collect karma points.



There's variety of news sources you can subscribe to and create a personalized feed of the latest and most interesting things to read. When you follow users and they share bookmarks, they will also appear in your feed.



You can search and apply filters in any of our feeds.


For example, you can search across awesome lists for Elixir libraries around Ecto, using


Clicking on the domain of a bookmark, filters bookmarks by that domain.


Lists are a way to organize your bookmarks.


They can either be public, which means that anyone can view them or private.

Private List Sharing

You can share private lists to anyone on the internet, by generating a special "share" link.


List Subscriptions

You can subscribe to lists and be notified each time a bookmark is added.



You can add any number of tags to your bookmarks. Tags provide a supplementary to lists way to organize bookmarks. We do our best to suggest relevant tags. You can filter your bookmarks by any combination of tags.


Data Import

You can import bookmarks from Pocket, Pinboard, Google bookmarks or most popular browsers.


Data Export

You can effortlessly export all your data in JSON format. You don't have to worry about lock-in or Tefter becoming unavailable.


We display recommendations based on your bookmarks, so that you can keep discovering interesting content.



There's where you can wander and find interesting things to read from our feeds or find users to follow.



You can write notes using Markdown on your bookmarks and lists.


We keep a "special" 🌈 list of bookmarks you've marked as favorites.


Smart Previews

For some websites, you can access the bookmarked content without leaving Tefter.


We also do our best to annotate such bookmarks with relevant tags and title.

For YouTube, we're fine-tuning a feature, where for songs, we'll be indexing lyrics.

So, given you've bookmarked

Searching for:

I don't want to leave her now

Will surface "The Beatles - Something" bookmark. Cool right?

Dead links discovery

We regularly check when your bookmarked pages are still available and you can filter and delete dead ones.

Filter by dead links


Access the archived page


Readable Mode

For some of the pages you bookmark, we process them so that you can have a clutter free experience, without ads, trackers or any kind of noise.



Public API

We have a public API you can use to build apps or automate any part of your bookmarking experience.


We store the contents of bookmarked pages, so that you can access them even in the occasion they're down.




To download, see here


When you have the mobile app installed, you can quickly add bookmarks by sharing links to Tefter.



You can install Tefter as a progressive web app. See how.

Android App

The app will be available on Google Play soon.

Browser Extensions

Add bookmark

You can quickly add bookmarks clicking on the Tefter extension icon.



Or you can search straight from the address bar, by typing t followed by the tab key.




There are multiple ways to provide feedback:

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