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Drawing, Seeing && Moving with Code

New media elective at Purchase College.
Spring, 2016.
Tega Brain:
Room: Location: Humanities - Level 2, lab HUM 1054.
Office hours: Monday 3pm - 5pm. Make an appointment.

This intermediate creative coding studio explores techniques for creating dynamic, poetic and interactive artworks in code. Students will learn techniques to program movement, simulate lifelike movement and behaviors, and develop online and offline works that respond to various inputs. Projects will be developed using open source software environments like Processing and p5.js.


What is p5js?

P5js is a new open source creative coding environment using the javascript programming language. It is a tool that adopts the philosophy and approach of Processing but takes it to the web. It is built by a diverse community of artists, designers and developers and supports the development creative, experimental and interactive projects in the context of the web. Visit the p5js site here.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Gain skills and experience using open source creative coding environments as a medium for art
  • Develop poetic and critical experimental works in software
  • Ccritically engage with historic and contemporary computational art practices
  • Refine their personal learning strategies, project planning and problem solving skills


Part 1: Loops and animation

Nicholas Fong, Evolution Animated GIF

Week 1: 25 Jan

Week 2: 1 Feb

Week 3: 8 Feb

Part 2: Artificial life and animation

Conway's Game of Life

Week 4: 15 Feb

  • Installation of lenticular exhibition (12.30-2.30)
  • Documentation workshop

Week 5: 22 Feb

Week 6: 29 Feb (omg it's a leap year)

Week 7: 7 Mar

14 Mar: No class

21 Mar: No class

Part 3: Live Web

Kyle McDonald, 2015, Exhausting a Crowd.

Week 8: 28 Mar

Week 9: Apr 4

###Part 4: Seeing

Week 10: Apr 11

Week 11: Apr 18

  • Final project proposal presentations

Week 12: Apr 25

  • Studio time

Make up session: Apr 28

  • Studio time

Week 14: May 2

  • Final assignment presentations due in class

Assigment Briefs


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