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Welcome to the Tegaki git repository!

Tegaki is composed of the following subprojects:

  • tegaki-python: Base Python library.
  • tegaki-pygtk: User-interface Python library.
  • tegaki-recognize: Main program.
  • tegaki-train: Character editor and training manager.
  • tegaki-tools: Advanced-user and developer tools.
  • ibus-tegaki: Tegaki integration in IBus.
  • scim-tegaki: Tegaki integration in SCIM.
  • tegaki-engines: Wagomu.
  • tegaki-models: Handwriting recognition data models.
  • tegaki-db: Community-based handwriting sample database.
  • tegaki-lab: Handwriting recognition experimentation.
  • tegaki-webcanvas: Canvas for the browser.

In order to download the latest source code, please use git.

$ git clone git://


This package is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. See the COPYING file for more information.


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