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open source e-commerce platform javascript full stack with reactjs and nodejs
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open source e-commerce platform javascript full stack with reactjs and nodejs


  • git
  • npm (> = 5.x)
  • nodejs (> = 10.x)
  • expressjs (> = 4.x)
  • reactjs
  • postgresql


  1. make sure you have installed nodejs
  2. git clone
  3. cd tegcommerce
  4. sudo npm install
  5. sudo npm start
  6. open http://localhost:3000/
alternative one-click online ide

note: gitpod launches ready-to-code dev environments from any github page.

application guide

simple free open everyone transparent decentralized collaborative inclusive minimalistic lean clear mean responsive progressive lifetime adaptable customizable light installable secure friendly intuitive integrated direct objective specialized focused basic clean automated cheap economic easy practical convenient innovate useful updated agile reasonable proportional meritocracy


in progress

  • single-page app
  • progressive web app
  • byos (bring your own server)
  • shopping cart
  • product registration
  • admin dashboard
  • marketplace with themes and plugins
  • chat
  • integration with erp platforms
  • integration with crm platforms
  • integration with marketplace platforms
    • integration with mercado livre
    • integration with mercado livre store
  • integration with classified platforms
  • integration with delivery service companies
  • inntegration with payment intermediaries
  • integration with hosting companies
  • integration with affiliate platforms
  • integration with social networks
  • integration with google services
  • integration with facebook services
    • integration with facebook store
  • api for plugins
  • spam blocker
  • search filter products
  • product recommendation
  • content block editor
  • simplified installation via packages
    • snap/snappy
    • flatpak
    • appimage


  • affiliate
  • theme default with page builder
  • dropshipping
  • transparent checkout
  • one page checkout
  • power checkout
  • freight calculator
  • order tracking
  • email marketing
  • qr code
  • crm system
  • erp system
  • app with fingerprint biometrics
  • app with voice biometrics
  • app with image biometrics
  • voice search
  • image search
  • hosting
  • domain
  • ssl certificate
  • cdn
  • conversational commerce with chat and chatbot
  • vr commerce with virtual reality and augmented virtual reality
  • network of stores on a single tegcommerce installation
  • integrated backup system with cloud storage services
  • prevent brute force password discovery
  • internet of things
  • blockchain


any collaboration will be welcome!

brazilian community [pt]

international community [en]

are part of the community:

  • developers at all levels and in all areas
  • devops
  • designers
  • translators
  • event organizers
  • communicators and digital influencers
  • buyers and sellers
  • lawyers
  • others

ideal for those who want:

  • collaborate when and where you want
  • collaborate on open source project that positively impact the world
  • meet different people and participate in a plural and tolerant world-class team
  • learn, develop and excel personally and professionally


check out tegcommerce documentation


check out how to contribute


tegcommerce is released under the terms of the mit license

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