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An Azure Pipelines extension containing tasks to validate websites. Tests web pages for broken links and compliance.
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Website validation tasks for Azure Pipelines

This repo contains the source of an Azure DevOps extension that provides build and release tasks for validating websites.

Tasks included

  • Broken Link Checker: Test a web site for broken links.

How to use

After installing the extension, you can add its tasks to a build definition or release definition as needed.


Local build

The build script can be run in the console from the repo's root directory by entering npm run-script build.
This will transpile TypeScript to JavaScript and put all the files that comprise the extension into the dist folder.

To generate the extension package (*.vsix) file, run npm run-script package which will put the package in the dist directory. Internally, this calls the build script mentioned above and then executes Microsoft's tfx utility.

Make sure to change the package version in the extension manifest prior to packaging if you wish to update the extension in the marketplace.

CI build

The extension is built using an Azure Pipelines build whenever changes are pushed to the master branch of this repository. Azure Pipelines is also used to publish the extension to the Azure DevOps Marketplace.

Feedback and issues

If you have feedback or issues, please file an issue on GitHub.

Using this extension as a template for your own extension

Feel free to use this repository as a template for your own extension. To make it easier for you to decide if this extension suits your needs, here are its characteristics:

  • Implemented in TypeScript
  • Folder structure capable of multiple tasks
  • Build process of this extension consists of npm scripts written in JavaScript
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