Javascript-based GraphQL 3D printer control
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NSP Status

The Tegh Project

Tegh is a work in progress Next Gen 3D Printer Host Server. Tegh aims to:

  1. connect your 3D printer to the internet with any commodity USB Type C Android phone
  2. control your 3D printer from anywhere with end-to-end encryption, WebRTC and live video streaming
  3. streamline your 3D printing process with easy-to-use print queuing


Run yarn bootstrap

Prerequisites: node and yarn (npm i -g yarn)


The yarn scripts bellow should be run from the root directory of this repo.

Running the Dev Host + Web UI

Run yarn start

Note: This is the only way to run tegh atm. It is a temporary stop-gap solution. Eventually the plan is to start Tegh via SystemD or inside of an Android App but neither of those are done yet.

  • starts a development server connected to a simulated serial port
  • starts the tegh-web-ui dev server
  • information on how to connect to the servers is echo'd to the command line

Running the test suite

Run yarn test