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Tegh (Tea, Earl Grey, Hot): A command line client for the Tegh Protocol. Because replicators, that's why.
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A simple command line interface for controlling 3D printers via the Construct Protocol.

Note: Before using Tegh, please first install construct-daemon on the computer attached to the 3D printer. Tegh needs that!


  • WiFi 3D Printer Control - No need to tether your laptop to the 3D printer for hours anymore. Print from anywhere in the house.
  • Network Discoverablity - All 3D printers with construct-daemon on the network will show up automatically.
  • Queue your Print Jobs - Add as many print jobs as you want. It's easy to manage your prints whether printing is fully or semi-autonomously. Try it out with the Makerbot ABP for extra-awesome automation!
  • Automatic Slicing - Slicing is done by CuraEngine automatically. Just configure your printers' profiles in the ~/.construct/cura_engine directory and it will automatically slice any 3D models added to the queue.


Windows: Tegh Windows Installer

OSX: brew tap D1plo1d/tegh; brew install tegh

Arch: yaourt -S tegh

Fedora: tegh-0.3.1-1.noarch.rpm


  1. Install NodeJS from ppa:chris-lea/node.js

  2. Install tegh-0.3.1.deb


Everything Except Windows: tegh

Windows: Open program files / open all programs / open the Tegh folder / run Tegh

Type help into tegh once a printer is connected to for more info.


See the Developers Guide

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