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Netflix and integration.

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Table of Contents

What is Trakt?

Automatically scrobble TV show episodes and movies you are watching to! Keep a history of everything you've watched! Sign up for a free account at and get a ton of features.

Why do I need this extension? has a lot of plugins to automatically scrobble the movies and episodes you watch from your media center. But I found nothing to integrate with Netflix, so I created this extension. Every time you click to play something on Netflix, it will send the scrobble to Cool, isn't it?

How does traktflix work?

Unfortunately Netflix doesn't provide a public API, so the movie or episode info is extracted from the HTML of the player.


This extension only works with Netflix HTML player and new layout. If you are in the old layout, please open the new one. See this link for more info:


If you find any problems or have suggestions or questions, feel free to open an issue


Create an application in Trakt API.

Don't forget to check /scrobble permission.

In Redirect uri: put https://{extensionId}

In Javascript (cors) origins: put https://{extensionId} and chrome-extension://{extensionId}

Copy the config.json example file and change credentials:

cp config.json

Use nvm to run in the correct version of node

nvm use

Install the dependencies

npm install

To run in development mode

npm start

To get build version (generates, ready for chrome store)

npm run build
npm run zip

To run tests

npm test



This product uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb.
This product uses the API.