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Errbit Notifer for Android


The Errbit notifier for Android is designed to give you instant notification of any uncaught exceptions thrown from your Android applications.

It's based on AirBrake Notifer for Android

Installation & Setup

Build the .jar and place it in your Android app’s lib/ folder.

Import the ErrbitNotifier class in your app’s main Activity.


In your activity’s onCreate function, register to begin capturing exceptions:

ErrbitNotifier.register(this, "", "your-api-key-goes-here");


The ErrbitNotifier.register call requires a context and Airbrake/Errbit API key to be passed in, and optionally a third argument specifying the environment. The environment defaults to production if not set.

To notify Errbit of non-fatal exceptions, or exceptions you have explicitly caught in your app, you can call ErrbitNotifier.notify. This call takes exactly one argument, a Throwable, and can be called from anywhere in your code. For example:

try {
    // Something dangerous
} catch(Exception e) {
    // We don't want this to crash our app, but we would like to be notified

Building from Source

To build a .jar file from source, make a clone of the errbit-android github repository and run:

ant package

This will generate a file named errbit-android.jar.

This is a fork!

Thanks a lot to James Smith that created the original version for Airbrake. Thanks!