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A simple web app to help you learn git. Helps visualize all the moving parts of common git commands in one dashboard.

App can be found here. Updated frequently!

Running Locally

To run a local copy of the application, do the following:

git clone
cd git-gud-scrub
yarn install
yarn start

You can also do yarn test to run tests locally as well.

Ice Box (Prioritized)

  1. Keep to state the available files per branch
  2. git checkout [--]
  3. git rm
  4. git rebase
  5. Real time collaboration (remote repo related commands)

Release Notes

Support for the following commands:

  • git add
  • git commit -m "message"
  • git checkout [-b] <branch_name>
  • git branch [-d] <branch_name>

Implementation of the following feature set:

  • "console" like interface
  • Real time commit graph display
  • Set Code Coverage level to 90-ish